Enjoy your meals
just the way you like them


Changing with the Seasons

In summer or winter, mealtimes are your chance to take a break and enjoy some food in a setting that suits the time of year and meets your needs. So have your meal by the warmth of a crackling fire, on a sunny terrace with a view over the park and its flowers...

Flavours and Tradition


For breakfast, a varied and high-end buffet is available between 7am and 10:30am (22€ per pers).

For lunch and dinner, we have a delicious menu focusing on local and in-season products. The chef, Christophe HIS reworks dishes, ensuring they are light but still sophisticated.

If you are looking for a snack or just want to have a quick drink, you have the "Sur le pouce Menu".

Our Restaurant

  • The Restaurant

    At the Restaurant, you will find a menu of seasonal products, where culinary tradition meets today’s light flavours, with delicious results.
    Reserved to clients with booking.


      Restaurant Menu  

  • La carte sur le pouce

    Treat yourself at any time with the "Sur le pouce" menu. Reserved to clients with booking.


      "Sur le pouce" Menu

  • The Brunch

    Every Sunday from 12:30 (except special offer)

    Taste and enjoy with relatives & friends

    Brunch at 54€ person (excluding drinks). Terrace in sunny days.


    Brunch Menu 


 For seminars and private events, the menus use distinct, vivid and fresh flavours for light and delicate meals.